Hello & Welcome to my Blog.

I am Heather, a designer and creative for hire. Welcome to my little writting outlet where I walk through my journey as a mom, a designer, and a slowely changing person making small 1% changes.

014 | Left Field Disaster & Getting Back on the Horse Cover Image from unsplash013 | What I’ve learned about my Health Cover Image from unsplash012 | My Health Journey: 3 Years Post Partom Cover Image from unsplash011 | NEXT.JS website: Finishing up and Animating Cover Image from unsplash010 | NEXT.JS website: Adding Read More Collapese, Fonts, and Making an Architecture Informational Map Cover Image from unsplash009 | NEXT.JS Website: Building out my Blog, Components, and More Cover Image from unsplash008 | NEXT.JS website & Career Goals Cover Image from unsplash007 | Building my Website: Design and Content Organization Cover Image from unsplash006 | Building my Website: Design and Node.JS Cover Image from unsplash005 | 1st Month of 1% Improvement Cover Image from unsplash004 | Meal Planning: Budget-friendly and Use what you have Cover Image from unsplash003 | Scheduling life with a Toddler: Healthy Balances Cover Image from unsplash002 | Plan and Prep: A Walkthrough of My Organization Cover Image from unsplash001 | Not Just Resolutions: Defining and Quantifying My Goals Cover Image from unsplash